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INSPIRE is represented at the International Congress of Sociology
ewa krzaklewska isa

What if we told you that the news about our project has reached the other side of the world? 

That's right, our partners are always enthusiastic to discuss the project's objectives in various events around the world - after all, the discussions on gender equality measurement and intersectionality are not limited to a particular region, but they are happening on a global scale. 

This time, dr. Ewa Krzaklewska of the Jagiellonian University had the opportunity to represent INSPIRE and present the current work on the measurement of gender equality during the XX ISA World Congress of Sociology, which took place between 25 June and 1 July 2023 in Melbourne, Australia. 

During the session "Gender Equality Measurement" organised by the Research Committee on Social Indicators, she presented the GEAM - Gender Equality Audit and Monitoring tool. The presentation, titled "Measuring Gender Equality for Gender Equality Plans. Critical Reflections over the Indicators in Policy Design and Monitoring at the Institutional level" aimed at discussing the role of the GEAM in current policy developments in research organisations. It was co-authored by: Dr. Marta Warat and Dr. Paulina Sekuła, also from the Jagiellonian University, and Dr. Jörg Müller from the Open University of Catalonia, INSPIRE's coordinator. 

We're looking forward to another round of exciting events in autumn! 

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